BMC is a global leader in multi-cloud software solutions

BMC multi-cloud
management solutions
make all clouds better.

Eliminate the chasm between your on-premises data center and
a cloud-based infrastructure. BMC helps companies bridge the
gap to enable more innovation, agility, scalability, and cost
savings. Our solutions provide answers about what to migrate,
which clouds to use, how to manage cloud spend, how to ensure
security, and how to optimize each step of your journey.

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Ensure your move to the cloud is painless

  • Assess your unique needs

  • Build the right plan

  • Establish a governance model

  • Measure progress

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Keep track of cloud assets

  • Inventory all your IT assets

  • Map relationships across cloud platforms

  • Know which assets impact critical business

Learn more about multi-cloud visibility >


Right-size your cloud services to reduce cost

  • Simulate migrations to see which cloud
    services fit best

  • Track and compare on-premises and public
    cloud usage

  • Forecast annual multi-cloud costs

Learn more about multi-cloud cost >


Monitor and manage integrated
cloud/data center performance

  • Monitor performance across all your clouds
    in real time

  • Get rapid root cause analysis

  • Ensure optimal user experiences

Learn about cloud performance monitoring >


Apply automation to optimize workflows

  • Orchestrate data, applications, and infrastructure

  • Centrally manage diverse workloads

  • Automatically provision cloud servers and services

Learn more about multi-cloud automation >


Achieve security and compliance
across clouds

  • Find and fix security and compliance gaps

  • Automate remediation

  • Be audit ready all the time

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